"The Monolith" statue at Vigeland Park, Oslo

Norway is where the Ringness family originated, and so we spent a little longer in Norway than the other countries on our trip. We didn't know much about the history of our family before the trip, and we didn't learn any more while we were there. But we did learn a lot about the country and the people. Our stay in included a variety of locales and activities, from big-city festival to quiet hikes and fantastic fjord scenery.


We arrived in Oslo on Friday, August 11 stayed there until Tuesday. This was a fortuitous weekend to be in Oslo, since (unknown to us ahead of time) it was the height of the city's 1000th birthday celebration.


On Tuesday, we visited the Ringnes Brewery in Oslo. Ringnes is not a common name in Oslo: there were only a couple in the phone book.


From Wednesday through Saturday we took a train and boat trip up to and through a fjord, all the way to Bergen on the Atlantic coast. From Bergen, we flew to Amsterdam on Saturday August 19.


A couple of good web sites with information about Norway are:

   Norwegian Tourist Board:

   Norwegian Government site:


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Viking Boat, Oslo

Ringnes Brewery
Ringnes Brewery

Egeskov Castle
Norway In A Nutshell

Map of Norway
Map of Norway