We spent the first week of our trip in Denmark, July 29 through August 5. Denmark is composed of the peninsula Jutland, and many islands to the east of Jutland. The largest island is Sjælland (Zealand), and Denmark's capital, København (Copenhagen), is located at the eastern end of this island.


About half of our time in Denmark we were in and around Copenhagen, a seaport city, located at the narrow mouth of the Baltic Sea. The old part of Copenhagen has a number of royal palaces and museums, as well as Tivoli, a great amusement park founded in 1843. Copenhagen is a large city, with 1.5 million people in addition to the crowds of tourists in August.


Near Copenhagen is the historic city of Roskilde, which was founded over 1,000 years ago. Roskilde was a seat of power in Viking and Medieval times, and the ancient Domkirke or cathedral is the traditional burial place of Danish monarchs. We spent a day sightseeing in Roskilde with Jørgen Brinck. He and his wife, Ellen, are parents (and in-laws) of our friends Dave Kohn and Vibeke Brinck, and we ended the day with a lovely dinner at their house.


We took a three-day driving trip to Legoland, in the town of Billund, which is located roughly in the center of Jutland. The main LEGO factory is also in Billund, not far from Legoland. This side-trip was the only time we rented a car during our vacation.


En route to Legoland, we made a stop in the south of the island of Fyn (Funen) at Egeskov Castle. This castle dates from the 16th century, and stands on oak pilings in the middle of a lake. The castle is still the home of a baron, but much of the building and grounds are now open to the public.


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Strøget, Copenhagen

Roskilde Cathedral

Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle

Mini Land

Map of Denmark
Map of Denmark