In July 2000 we went to Peoria, Illinois for a week to visit Ed's mother, JoAnne Shekleton. We kept busy during the week by playing golf, getting soaked at the "Splashdown" water park, taking a side trip to St. Louis and Springfield, and attending a salsa concert at Lakeview Center. We saw an authentic flying B-17 bomber at the airport. We visited the Purcell farm near Princeville. Finally, we spent an afternoon at the Heart of Illinois Fair. The Shekleton house was full: Barbara and Guy Gadbois also came to Peoria the same week, as well as Mike, Carrie and Caitlin Shekleton and Dan, Tiffani and Tyler Shekleton. 

In St. Louis we saw a Cardinals baseball game (vs. Cincannati). We also visited Grant's Farm. Marjorie is distantly related to U.S. Grant. Our hotel was downtown near Busch Stadium, so we also visited the Arch, though we didn't have time to take the ride to the top.

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Grant's Farm
  Jamie, Will, and Abe